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Physics > Electronics > Basic Electronics

Tetrode or Pentode valve characteristics   (2028)

Three regulated dc power supplies, 0-300V, 0-200V and 0-30 V. panel base, four meters, one of them is dual mode, one RL.

Ionization potential of mercury (diode)   (2029)

One IC regulated dc supply 0-30 Volt, 0.5Amp with current limit, µ and one dual range Ammeter.

Voltage regulator tube (V-R tube characteristics)   (2030)

One regulated dc power supply 0-200 volts, one voltmeter with switch, one µAmeter, fixed value RLs, one current limit resistor and VR tube with base.

Study of transistor audio amplifier in CE configuration   (2031)

Inbuilt fixed IC regulated supply 12VDC. Transistor common - amplifier circuit with associated components and sockets to measure voltages. Optional : AC millivoltmeter and Audio osc.

Study of single stage R-C coupled amplifier   (2032)

As above with three different capacitors and two RL.

Study of emitter follower amplifier   (2033)

One fixed IC regulated power supply , transistor in CC mode with associated components, test points in socket form. Optional: AC millivoltmeter and Audio osc.

Two stage R - C coupled amplifier   (2034)

Fixed IC regulated dc supply , Identical two transistor R -C coupled amplifier with associated components, switch to decouple both stages, RL and test sockets. Optional: AC millivoltmeter, CRO, Audio osc

Differential amplifier   (2035)

Fixed IC regulated power supply, two transistor in differential amplifier configuration, one potentiometer, RL, test sockets. Optional: CRO, AC millivoltmeter, Audio osc.

Single stage negative feedback amplifier   (2036)

Fixed IC regulated power supply , one transistor in CE amplifier different forms, sockets for measurements. Optional: CRO, AC milivoltmeter, Audio osc.

Two stage negative feedback amplifier   (2037)

Fixed IC regulated dc power supply , R-C coupled two transistor sockets for measurement. Optional: CRO, Audio Osc, AC milivolmeter.

Two stage direct coupled amplifier   (2038)

Fixed IC regulated dc supply, two transistor amplifier with associated components, three resistors to decide circuit parameters, test points for measurements, switch to apply negative feedback. Optional: CRO. AC milivoltmeter, Audio osc.

Tunned voltage amplifier characteristics   (2039)

Fixed dc supply with single stage tunned amplifier circuit with two resistors and capacitors to verify parameters, test sockets. Optional: AC milivoltmeter and Audio Osc.

Wideband amplifier   (2040)

Fixed IC regulated dc power supply , two transistor amplifier with double negative feedback, switch to cut - off feedback, test sockets. Optional: CRO and audio osc.

Study of push-pull amplifier class AB   (2041)

Fixed dc power supply, two transistor transformer coupled push - pull class AB amplifer, fixed value RL ( 5 Nos ), one µAmeter. Test sockets provided.
Optional : CRO, Audio oscillator, AC millivoltmeter or AF power

Study of transformerless push-pull amplifier   (2042)

Fixed dc supply, three transistor circuit having complimentary transistor pair in output stage, 5 fixed value RL, test points. Optional : CRO, Audio oscillator, AC millivoltmeter or A.F power meter.

Study of power amplifiers, class A, B & AB   (2043)

Fixed value dc power supply, circuit comprises three transistors, two diodes, fixed value resistors. Sockets are given to convert the operation as A, b and AB class operations. 5 fixed value resistance for power calculations.
Optional: CRO, Audio osc, AC millivoltmeter or AF power meter & THD meter.

Study of Class C amplifier   (2044)

Fixed dc power supply, two transistor amplifier with HF transformer, test sockets.Optional: CRO, Audio oscillator.

Discrete operational amplifier   (2045)

Fixed dual dc power supply with one potentiometric divider for +3 volt DC input, three stage circuit comprises five transistor, one potentiometer, four resistors to verify the operation. test points for measurements.
Optional: Digital multimeter, CRO, Function generator.

Study of Half wave/Full wave rectifier supply   (2046)

Step down transformer with centre tap, switch to connect diode to form full wave rectifier, one dc voltmeter, one dc µAmeter, one linear scale ac voltmeter, one RL in form of potentiometer.

Rectifier and filter characteristics   (2047)

Step down transformer with center tap, two diode and one switch to form full wave rectifier circuit. One R, One L, Two C for different filter formations. One dc voltmeter and one dual range linear scale ac voltmeter. mA meter can be provided on extra cost.

Transistor regulated power supply   (2048)

Three tap step down transformer, bridge rectifier, µAmmeter, voltmeter, decade RL with selected values, three transistor circuit to form series pass regulator, one potentiometric divider, zener stabilize reference. Third meter to measure ripple% can be provided on extra cost.

Study of IC regulated power supply   (2049)

Three tapped step down transformer, bridge rectifier, veneer diode generated reference, IC 741 as error amplifier, series pass transistor, current limiter, fixed value RL in decade, one voltmeter, one µAmeter. Third meter to measure ripple on extra cost.

Voltage Doubler/Tripler Circuit   (2050)

Two tapped step down transformer, three semiconductor diode rectifiers, three electrolytic capacitors of 2V ratings, 11 load resistors, one dc high impedance voltmeter. An linear scale ac

Study of three Terminal Voltage Regulator Characteristics   (2051)

Regulated dc power supply 0-10 volts @ 1.5 Amp, one 7805 voltmeter and one Ammeter in dual range.

Study of SCR Phase control   (2052)

One fixed AC supply, one fixed dc power supply, UJT relaxation oscillator with sync input, one dc voltmeter with fixed value RL, SCR in half wave controlled rectifier. Potentiometer with diode. Test points for observations.
Optional: CRO

TRIAC Phase Control   (2053)

Isolated ac power supply, fixed value RL, Potentiometer with R-C phase shift circuit. One AC voltmeter. Test points to observe waveforms.  Optional: CRO

Study of R-C phase shift oscillator   (2054)

Two transistor R-C phase shift oscillator circuit with associated components, fixed dc power supply.Optional: CRO (Freq Counter), audio oscillator and ac milivoltmeter.

Study of Wein's bridge oscillator   (2055)

Two transistor R-C Wein bridge oscillator with two set of R and C selected by two switches. Inbuilt regulated power supply with potentiometer in feedback loop. Optional : CRO (freq counter), audio oscillator and ac milivolmter.

Study of Hartley's oscillator   (2056)

Circuit has one transistor, bias network, coupling capacitor, tapped inductor, variable capacitor and inbuilt IC regulated dc power supply.  Optional: CRO and freq counter.

Study of Astable Multivibrator   (2057)

Circuit has two transistors, with six R and four C to obtain different periodic waveforms. Inbuilt power supply with test points.
Optional: Triggered CRO.

Study of Bistable Multivibrator   (2058)

Circuit has two transistors, associated components with three diodes, monopulser,  buffered LED and inbuilt power supply.
Optional: Triggered CRO, Audio osc.

Study of Monostable Multivibrator   (2059)

Circuit comprises, two transistors with associated components, 4 R and 2 C for different time constants, monopulser, buffered LED with fixed dc power supply.
Optional: Triggered CRO and audio osc.

Timer IC 555 as Multivibrators   (2060)

Inbuilt regulated dc power supply, timer IC NE 555, 5 R, three C for different time periods, one monopulser, One buffered LED,one potentiometer.
Optional: CRO, freq counter & audioosc.

Study of function Generator Chip NE 566   (2061)

Regulated fixed dc supply, two potentiometer with three different R and C to verify the operational characteristics. IC NE 566, with necessary components.
Optional: CRO, freq counter and multimeter (digital preferred)

Study of Sweep Generators   (2062)

Circuitry comprises 6 transistors with associated components, socket and lead combinations to form, Miller, Bootstrap and CC sweep generators. Inbuilt power supply with three C and one potentiometer. Inbuilt pulser key.
Optional: Triggered CRO, digital multimeter and function generator.

Op-amp 741 amplifier   (2063)

Inbuilt dc regulated symmetrical power supply for op - amp, continuously variable 0- 5 volt supply, one voltmeter, three resistor for different gain and coupling capacitor for ac input.
Optional: Audio osc, ac millivoltmeter.

Op-amp Mathe Circuits   (2064)

Circuit components to form op-amp as an integrator, differentiator, summing amp and as substractor amplifier. Inbuilt symmetrical dc power supply for op - amp, two fixed dc supply for operation verifications, one dc voltmeter.
Optional: Function generator and CRO.

Op-amp as V/I and I/V converter   (2065)

Three R networks to confirm the operation, Dual regulated symmetrical supply for op-amp, one continuously variable dc supply as input source, one milliammeter and one voltmeter.

Op - amp RC sinusoidal oscillators   (2066)

Four networks to configure op-amp as Weins bridge oscillator, phase shift oscillator and twin T oscillator. Dual symmetrical regulated dc supply for the op- amp.
Optional: CRO, freq counter, audio oscillator and ac millivoltmeter.

Op-amp as non sinusoidal wave generator   (2067)

Circuit comprises two op - amps with inbuilt dual symmetrical supply. Selected R and C to verify the circuit parameter.
Optional: CRO, freq counter, multimeter.

Op-amp multivibrators   (2068)

Two op - amps with required components. Different R and C to verify the operation, dual symmetrical supply, monopulser and buffered LED.
Optional: CRO, audio osc.

Op - amp as active Filters   (2069)

Three op-amps with associated components to form op - amp, as low pass. high pass, band pass and notch filter. Inbuilt dc symmetrical power supply.
Optional: Audio oscillator and ac milivoltmeter.

Op-amp experimental Board   (2070)

OP-amp with inbuilt symmetrical dc supply. Necessary components bank to perform at least 21 experiments.

Op-amp as Comparator and Schmitt Trigger   (2071)

Op-amp with inbuilt symmetrical dc regulated power supply. 11 selected resistance for different hystersis, variable reference voltage for different threshold level of comparator.
Optional: CRO, audio oscillator and digital mulltimeter.

VCO type Digital Voltmeter   (2072)

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