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INSECT NET   (4101)

Very beautiful collapsible design, light weight, convenient to carry in bag. Fine synthetic netting mounted on wire ring, gripped to handle by fly-nut removable rod and hand grip.
(a) Ring dia 250mm
(b) Ring dia 300mm

INSECT NET   (4102)

Replaceable stout ring with fly nut grip. Bag of fine synthetic netting m ounted on ring. Handle made of light C.P steel either folding type for convenience.
(a) Ring dia 300mm
(b) Ring dia 375mm


Made of silk bolting net 875mm, long, net suspended by muslin reinforcement. Three braided lead attached to swivel front. Rear of bag with 50mm opening for glass vial collection of plankton.
(a) Ring dia 250 mm
(b) Ring dia 300 mm.
(c) Ring dia 375 mm.

AQUATIC NET   (4104)

Strongly built for sweeping up aquatic insects and as general utili ty aquatic net. Removable, rigid D shape frame 300mm across silk bolting mesh bag with end reinforced with metal ferrule and with a strong grip.

NOTE : Spare bag for above required to replace torn and old one can also be supplied at extra cost on request.


Made of best quality canvas having two side pockets for keeping bottles two front pockets for two bottles, 6 Glass Tubes, 6 Specimen Tubes Inner partition and adjustable strap. Supplied without accessories.

VASCULUM   (4106)

An oval shape metal case, painted outside and blackened inside to prevent rusting with hinged door and sliding catch with shoulder strap. Dimensions: 325 x 160mm.

POOTER   (4107)

For collecting flies, spiders and other small arthropods. Comprises glass specimen tube, 75x25mm height x diameter, with inlet and outlet tubes via a rubber stopper. Collecting tube has flared end and mouthpiece has a rubber tube connection. A gauze filter confines collected specimens to the tube.


Specimen tube transparent with poly cap. (B)< td>37mm


Thickness 1.35mm, Size 75 x 25mm
(a) One Con-Cavity
(b) Two Con-Cavity
(c) Three Con-Cavity
Thickness 3mm, Size 75 x 56mm
(d) 6 Con-Cavity
(e) 8 Con-Cavity
(f) 10 Con-Cavity
(g) 12 Con-Cavity

SLIDE BOXES   (4110)

Teak wood with hinged lid sunmica top. Slides are held in numbered slots and there is an index inside the lid. W ith wooden/AI/Plastic rails.
(a) Capacity 100 slides.
(b) Capacity 50 slides.
(c) Capacity 25 slides.


To hold 20 slides in flat position. Wooden back covers with file-type hinged. F rame with 20 compartments of die-cut hardboard, serially numbered with velvet cushined bottom. Nicely Polished.
For plastic slide boxes/mailers see Slide Mailer.


Aluminium, to hold 20 slides flat. Die-pressed anodized aluminium sheet, can be used in oven for drying the slides.


The cabinet is clad in laminated sheet. Dust proof door with lock. The drawers are made of teakwood having wooden/plastic grooves each serially numbered, to keep slides vertically, bottom lined with velvet, provided with index card frame and puller knobs. Lever lock provided to prevent drawer taken out accidently. An extra drawer with index cards. Moisture proof lacquered finish.

Slide Capacity :
(a) 500
(b) 1000
(c) 2000
(d) 5000
(e) 10000
(f) 15000


A unique combination of storing the slides in flat as well as vertical position. Clad in laminated sheet. Concealed type lockable door . One half fitted with aluminium trays of 20 slides each in flat position. The other half carries drawer to hold slides i n vertical position, all serially numbered. With index card frame and puller knobs. Extra drawer with index cards, lacquer finish.
Total CapacityFlat Vertical


and bottom have 5 or 6mm papered cork sheet for pinning. Fumigation Chamber perforated for pesticide. Lacquer finish.
Sizes :
(a) 450 x 300 x 75mm (b) 375 x 250 x 75mm (c) 300 x 225 x 75mm


Seasoned wood frame with finger joints. Plywood bottom. Non-rattling glass in wooden frame top. Bottom has thick papered cork-sheet for pinning.Provided with two brass clips and index card frame. Moisture proof lacquer finish.
Sizes :
(a) 600 x 450 x 75mm
(b) 450 x 300 x 62mm
(c) 375 x 250 x 62mm
(d) 300 x 225 x 62mm

SLIDE CABINET (Unit System)   (4117)

Equipped with 25 aluminium trays for holding 500 (3" x 1") slides in flat position. The front lockable door slides into the top of the cabinet. Additional units can be stacked on the top.


Showcase are made of seasoned teakwood, removable glass frame top. Bottom has 5 or 6mm thick papered cork -sheet for pinning . Double walled provide fumigation chamber perforated for pesticides provided with puller brass knobs and card frame. Moisture proof lacquer finish.
Size: 562 x 500 x 75mm


Made of teakwood covered with 5mm thick papered cork-sheet. Smoothly adjustable groove from 0 to l2mm, chrome plated brass fittings. Nicely polished.
Size : 350 x 112mm. Length x W idth.


Box fabricated out of seasoned wood with tongs & grooves type joints. Inner of lid and bottom of box fitted with 12 batton covered with non-scarcing washable, synthetic EV A sheet suitable for repeated pinning without leaving pin marks and have been provided with brass fittings for groove adjustment up-to 12mm for various sizes of Insect abdomen. A collapsible handle has been provided for carrying the box to the field.


PlaIn slides 75x25mm with ground edges. Ready for use, pack of 72 slides.


Self-adhesive and ruled, square, side 25mm pack of 100 labels.


Cover glasses No. 1. Pack of 10 gms
(a) l6mm dia
(b) l8mm dia
(c) 22mm dia
(d) 18 x l8mm
(e) 22 x 22mm


Polished hardwood for twelve 30 ml staining bottles.


Glass jar with moulded glass cover. Takes 10 slides 76 x 28 mm back to back.


Block form with cavity, complete with cover glass.
(a) 60 x 60mm
(b) 40 x 40mm


om aluminium sheet with flanged edges complete with wax. Bottom
Length x Width x Depth :
(a) 250 x 200 x 60mm
(b) 300 x 250 x 75mm


Steel white enameled inside and outside, rectangular with flanged edges. Complete with wax.
Bottom Length x W idth x Depth :
(a) 250 x 200 x 60mm
(b) 300 x 250 x 60mm


A plano-convex lens mounted in an aluminium frame on three arms which are each free to pivot in circular paths. Telescopic legs are mounted at the end of each swivel arm so that the magnifier can be adjusted to stand on uneven surfaces. Lens diameter 100mm Overall width 190mm, Working height 75mm minimum


General purpose magnifier consisting of a large biconvex lens mounted on a flexible arm. The heavy base provides stability whilst the flexible arm and swivel lens mount allow the lens to be used in any position or plane. Lens focal length 250mm, Lens diameter 100mm Magnification: 2X approx, Arm length: 300 mm


l00mm diameter lens mounted on a stand which keeps the lens parallel to the work plane when it is slided between arms, Heavy cast base provides stability.


A versatile instrument for fine dissection work. The high eyepoint lens (either 10X or 20X) is mounted on a jointing arm allowing the whole stage area to be scanned. The wide glass stage has two spring clips and a reversible sub-stage mirror/opal face illuminator. Focusing is by a rack and pinion mechanism and detachable rests on either side of the stage provide a steadying support for hands during fine dissection . All metal construction. Supplied complete with X10 and X20 lenses in a wooden cabinet.
Dimensions: Overall height 180mm. approx. Stage 65 x 85mm


Sample to be sectioned is supported in styropith or other material and placed in a central well. Turning a milled knob at the base of the microtome raises the sample, and sections can be cut from the top using a razor. Screw has l9mm overall movement with click stops at 20mm intervals. Top diameter 63mm, well diameter 22mm.

RAZOR (for above)   (4138)

A high quality carbon steel single edge razor with folding cover.


Ideal for student use and routine work. It will cut ribbons of sections from specimens of dia up to 20mm, and using wooden blocks section of specimens up to 18 x 25 mm may be cut. Supplied with object holder, knife and honing stone.


It is of immense use for Medical Institutions, Research Laboratories etc. and gives very good results for cutting thin sections. It is mounted on a heavy cast iron base to ensure rigidity and long life. The housing gives maximum protection to the mechanism against dust and paraffin waste etc. It is driven by handle which can be locked in position. The cutting sections obtained by mechanically operated crank can be adjust ed in steps of 1u to 25u by means of a knurled knob on the front of the instrument. The efficient ball and socket clamp renders possible to interchange specimen clamp and paraffin stage with a single motion. The instrument is equipped with a r otating knife, honing plate, three object holders and oil-can.

Feed adjustment: 1-25 micron (in step of 1 micron).
Opening of object stage: 30x15mm Overall height: 260mm
Size of case: 500 x 400 x 350mm Weight: 30Kg approx.


A heavy base with hinged cover for protecting the interior mechanism, and knife holder. With every complete revolution of the drive wheel, the feed panel engage the teeth of rachet wheel which advances the object holder through cone and inclined plane mechanism, tissue sections can be cut down to even 1 micron. A safety device automatically disengages the feed mechanism at the end. Feed indicator is in front and feed setting is at the back of Microtome which sets 1 to 50 micron. A razor 120mm made from High carbon steel and tested for Micro structure is supplied with instrument. There is an arrangement to tilt angle of the razor adjustable up to 30 on a reference scale.

Feed adjustment: 1-50 Micron (in step of 1 micro)
Total feed excursion : 28mm opening of object clamp.
Hall and flange type : 37 x 25mm,
Overall dimensions : 400 x 250 x 175mm
Weight: 25 Kg. approx.


In metal nickel plated frame with bakelite/metal handle. Packed in card board box.
DiameterFocal LengthMagnification


In Consisting of a pair of plano-convex lenses mounted in a bakelite body in such a way that the distoration at the edge of the field is reduced to minimum. Lenses mount folds into case. Clear diameter of the lenses 19 mm approx.
Magnification X10.


Made of wood with 6 holes to store different sizes of entomological pins and keep the same handy.


Versatile chamber for fumigating for sterilization and disinfection of Clean room, Clothes, old books and literature etc. Fabricated out of thick seasoned board clad in Mica lamination on all sides. Front and back are of glass for proper visibility. Top provided with cover tightened with clamps. Fitted with high quality fume circulator. One drawer is provided for keeping petri-dish for fumigants. Inner chamber Epoxy painted. Equipment provided with castor wheels for easy movement.

FUMING HOOD   (4147)

Fume exhaust hoods are designed to contain and exhaust toxic, obnoxious or otherwise harmful gases, vapours, mist etc. to protect personal and equipment. A motor driven blower creates negative pressure within the chamber extracting the contaminated air from work area and expel it into the atmosphere. The hood is ventilated to the air drawn for inside the Laboratory which is used effectively for thorough sweep-out of work chamber. Fabricated out of best quality, thick weather-resistant Duro-board clad in mica Lamination from outside, inner chamber finished in chemically resistant Epoxy paint. Work surface is made of steel. An up & down sliding Sash mad of thick seasoned Teak-wood and mounted with heavy glass is duly polished. Fluorescent tubes or economical compact fluorescent light (CFL) with built-in Magnetic ballast are fitted for lighting the work area. A gas tap and a electric plug is also provided. A working tray made of asbestos or Stainless Steel is also supplied with the Equipment. A work bench/Table (optional) to install the equipment any where in the lab. Can be supplied. The work bench is fabricated out of square steel pipe or hard wood and has a cupboard and a drawer. It is nicely painted.

(i) Exhaust ducting dia 3" 4" 5" rates per running it.
(ii) Ereon charges : negotiable
(iii) CFL-11W/220V, light 75W life-10,000 burning hrs. with magnetic ballast extra.


Versatile chamber for fumigating for sterilization with insecticide f or preservation clothes, plants, old books etc. Made of sturdy board , mica covered , Epoxy coated from inside with fume circulator of electric motor. Top cover tightened with clamps. One drawer is provided for keeping petri-dish for fumigants chemicals. Castor wheel provided for Easy movement.

Size :
a. 90 x 60 x 80 cm. (36 x 24 x 32)
b. 75 x 50 x 65 cm. (30 x20 x 26)
c. 50 x 40 x 55 cm. (24 x 16 x22)


Economical equipment for transfer of material/tissue and to be used as dry -box and dust proof environmental enclosure. Fabricated out of seasoned board clad in Mica laminated. P rovided with covered rectangular opening for transfer of material and with two circular coverable holes for handling with hands above which a fixed glass window has been provided for viewing operations. Inside of chamber is painted with Epoxy paint. Provided with fluorescent tube or compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) with built -in Magnetic Ballast (Adaptor). Germicidal Ultra Violet (UV) tube has also been provided.


Fabricated out of M.S. sheet with a box at the bottom for killing bottle and tray. Funnel measuring 30x5cms. comes to the box size 40x40x25cms. for convenient collection of trapped insects. Size of the tumbler is 25x40cms. It is provided with shaded bulb covering the complete area of the equipment & five meter long electric cord with bulb. The unit is finished in synthetic paint.


Cabinet made out of sturdy board & clad in mica lamination with lockable glas s door. Cabinet is safety and systematic manner individually labeled r eprint box
a. with 24 boxes
b. with 30 boxes
c. with 36 boxes

PLANT PRESS (Herbarium)   (4153)

The unit is very light and handy for field use. Made of reinforced wooden frame. Sufficient and uniform pressure can be applied by means of strong belts provided on it. The unit is finished in green Duco paint.


For 35mm film slides. F rame fabricated out of T eak wood with tongs & grooves type joints. 50 X50 mm plastic or card cover in vertical position wooden grooves serially numbered are fitted on cushioned bottom . Inner side of the lid is pasted with index sheet .All fittings like hinges and clips are made of brass . Nicely polished.
Capacity :

(a)200 Slides (b) 100 Slides (c) 50 Slides (d) 25 Slides


For 2" x 2" Projection Slides. This rack type equipment has been designed to faci litate to quickly identify and sort projection slides. An adjustable magnifier has been provided with ledges to hold 35 slides at a time, is illuminated from within the chamber by a fluorescent tube or economical compact Fluorescent (CFL) with built-in magnetic Ballast.

LAMINAR AIR FLOW MODULE (Horizontal)   (4156)

Working Area in Ft2x2x2'3x2x2'4x2x2'6x2x2'8x2x2'
Following included in basic unit :
H.E.P.A. Size in Ft2x2x63x2x64x2x63x2x64x2x6
No. of H.E.P.A.11122
No. of Prefilters11223
Lighting1x20W or1x20W or2x40W or2x40W or4x40W or
UV Tube1x1'x15W1x1'x15W1x3'x30W2x3'x30W2x3'x30W
Gas Cock 11111

Optional :
(i) S.S. Table top in lieu of Mica (Extra)
(ii)Exhaust system complete with blower and ducting fittings (Extra).
(iii)Voltage Stabilizer : Suitable to above models.

Spare Accessories :
(i) Hepa filter : 2' x2'x2" 3'x2'x6" 4'x2'x6"
(ii) Pre-filters : 2'x2'x2" 2'x1'x2"
(iii) UV Tube : 1' x 15W 3' x30W (with fittings)
(iv) Compact Fluorescent lamp (CFL) : 11W/220V -Light 75W, Life-10,000 burning hrs.
a. With Magnetic Ballast b. With Electronic Ballast
(v) Manometer :Acrylic block type, accurately calibrated with brass fittings complete.
(vi) Gas Cork : Brass duly chrome plated.
(vii) Gas Burner : Brass Superior quality.

LAMINAR AIR FLOW MODULE (Vertical)   (4157)

Same as above, but Vertical Type Module.


Cabinet safety and systematically store individually labeled R eprint boxes is made out of sturdy board and is clad in Mica lamination with lockable front door with glass
a. with 12 boxes in two shelves
b. with 18 boxes in two shelves
c. with 24 boxes in two shelves


Cutely & scientifically designed for prolonged table work and tracing job. Provided with removable shaded tube light and a tube light below the frosted glass for tracing wor k. Second half is provided with lockable cover for keeping important documents. Provision has been made for keeping pens, pencils etc. Long Life and economical Compact Fluorescent Light(CFL) with built-in Magnetic Ballast can be provided with clips. Box is provided with label.


Cabinet fabricated out of thick board and is clad externally in Mica lamination sheet. Lockable door is dust proof. The cabinet has drawers with 15 compartments each of 4'x4x2" suitable to store 32 block of 1x 1" in two layers. Each drawer has two puller knobs.
Storage CapacityDrawers
a.20000 blocks4
b.20000 blocks6
c.5000 blocks10
d.10000 blocks12
e.15000 blocks30
f.20000 blocks40


For 35 mm film slides. Cabinet made out of the thick board clad in mica lamination. Lockable door. Drawers to hold 50 X 50 mm Plastic or card cover projection slides in wooden grooves serially numbered. Drawers made of Teak wood well polished. An extra drawer is provided to keep index Card sheet etc.

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