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Dissectible transformer is also called demountable transformer. Demonstrates concepts associated with electromagnetic induction and induced currents and their effects, the principle of transformer and its efficiency, etc. One each laminated, matallic  'U' and  'I' core, with screws and top of the 'U' core to take the 'I' core. Also included are the following:

  1. Two soft-iron pole pieces.
  2. 300 turn coil, 600 turn coil, 1200 turn coil, 1200 turn coil with mains socket, 3600 turn coil, 3600 turn coils with center tapping, 12000 turn coil,
  3. 6 turn copper coil with insulated handle
  4. Solder trough and handle.
  5. Reversible, aluminium pendulum plate, with one end slotted, and the other
    continuous. with axle.
  6. Rotating disc with axle.

All coils are wound on plastic bobbins with rectangular cross-sections, using enameled copper wire. Each coil has a hole at its center for mounting it in a 'U' core, and has socket terminals for electrical connections, with number of turns printed.

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