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Physics > Electrostatics

a)EBONITELength approx. 300mm and dia l2mm.
b)GLASSLength approx. 300mm and dia l2mm.
c)POLYTHENEDimensions: 300 x 12mm length x dia.
d)PERSPEXPolished finish. Dimensions: 300 x 12mm length x dia.


a) Dimensions: 300mm square.
b) Very suitable for use with polythene, cellulose and Perspex. Dimensions: 300mm square.
c) For producing charges on the insulating rods and strips. Dimensions : 300 mm square.
d) Square, size 30X30 cms. approx.


Rectangular metal case and polythene insulated lid provided with finger flaps to facilitate removal, case fitted with 4mm earthing socket. Front glass window slides up to allow insertion of ionising material into chamber. Size: 85x70x135mm complete with a brass plated top disc.

ELECTROSCOPE GOLD LEAF (Flask Form)   (1581-A)

A practical economical electroscope, consisting of aluminium leaves mounted on a metal rod held by a rubber stopper in a 250 ml flask. The sides of the flask give ample space for the leaves to diverge when charged.


A comprehensive kit  to investigate several aspects of electrostatic forces.
The kit comprises: 1 Electroscope, 1 Rubber cloth, 4 metallised polystyrene spheres, 1 Plated wire hook, 1 Reel nylon monofilament, 1 Electrophorus plate on insulating handle, 1 Cellulose acetate strip, 1 Polythene strip, 1 Proof plane on insulating handle, 1 Wire stirrup to support above two items, 2 Polythene tiles and 2 aluminium cans.

GOLD LEAVES   (1583)

Spare for Gold Leaf Electroscope, Pack of 6.


a) Made of brass nickel plated, mounted on insulated Stand, with an opening 5cm dia at top.
b) Made of brass nickel plated. Mounted on insulated stand. Size: l00x50mm length x dia
c) Made of brass nickel plated. Mounted on insulated stand. Size:125x50mm length x dia.


Comprises a shallow glass dish 100x10mm dia x depth, placed on a transparent acrylic plate, size: 150x150mm with four pillars to hold the dish and a pair of socket terminals/electrode holders which clip on to its rim.

A compliment of six electrodes is supplied, two point source, two line source and two circular rings of 70mm and 35mm dia.


For demonstrating the effect of Electric discharge from points. The apparatus has 60mm dia six pointed star wheel with all the points curved in one direction. The wheel rotates freely on a Pivot point mounted on a short stand and the stand is provided with a 4mm connection socket on the round base.


A kit of components enabling a student to construct a working current balance.
• 1 Base with coil, channel piece and terminals
• 2 Alnico magnets, 4x4x13mm.
• 10 Drinking Straws and apack of 20 needles.
• 1 wooden block 38x38x19mm.
• 1 wooden Strip (tongue depressor)
• 5 Rubber Bands, 50x6mm lengthxwidth.
• 1 Spool tinned coppe wire, 0.56mm.


Analogue apparatus to illustrate electrical current flow. Consists of a large board on which is mounted a low voltage electrical pump which circulates the water through the 'circuit' of clear plastic tubing connected to glass tubes of differing bores representing resistances. Across the 'resistances' is a detachable manometer to show the 'potential difference'. Following the resistance is a taped tube discharging into a funnel so that rate of flow representing current may be show.


Comprises two perspex sheet plates of dia 300mm rotating in opposite directions by two wheels operated by a handle provided on one wheel. Plates and wheels are supported on cast alloy metal stands fitted on a polished wooden base. Phosphors bronze brushes on friction with pure tin foils pasted on plates generate the static electricity which is stored in two glass Leyden jars supported by an insulated bar. The static electricity produce a spark of 75mm length between two metal bobs supported on two metal rods with ebonite handles. The distance of the metal bobs can be adjusted.


Intended for all the usual electrostatic experiments, but especially where continuous production of a high voltage is required. They have Perspex insulating components, rubber belt, polished metal dome and a separate discharging sphere. The low voltage powered model is designed for operation on a 3 to 5V D.C. supply, capable of providing a current of 1.5A. Power input is via a pair of colour coded 4mm sockets. Mains operated versions are provided with 1.5m of three core mains cable, the earth core of the mains lead being connected to the metal structure of the apparatus. Both low voltage and mains versions also have independent 4mm earth sockets.

Charge collecting belt flexible rubber  charge collecting combs aluminium mesh, aluminium dome of 175mm diameter, removable Connections 4mm sockets in dome and base Voltage developed up to 200KV, depending upon ambient conditions, with a spark length of up to 75mm Discharger spherical, 75mm diameter, mounted on a rod for holding in the hand or support by a laboratory stand and boss. The end of the rod is drilled to take a 4mm plug. Size: 350x190x480mm high.


As above but hand driven and self-exciting, mounted on a wood base. The discharge sphere is supported on a pivoted arm with a handle, and is attached to the top of the driving-wheel pillar. For connecting accessories, a 4mm socket is provided at the top of the large sphere, and a 4mm earth socket is drilled in the handwheel pillar base. Sparks in excess of 50mm in length are easily obtained at a slow rate of turning (200 rev/min) and the apparatus is tolerant of moisture and dust. SPECIFICATION: Diameter of Dome 175mm. Diameter of discharge sphere 75mm. Overall dimensions 50x190x480mm.


a. Head of hair b. Brush of artificial hairs may be fixed in 4mm socket on top of upper dome of generator c. Faraday Pail d. Neon Bulb e. Vibrating Column to stimulate ions in motion in transparent plastic container and one spare Belt.


Dissectible transformer is also called demountable transformer. Demonstrates concepts associated with electromagnetic induction and induced currents and their effects, the principle of transformer and its efficiency, etc. One each laminated, matallic  'U' and  'I' core, with screws and top of the 'U' core to take the 'I' core. Also included are the following:

  1. Two soft-iron pole pieces.
  2. 300 turn coil, 600 turn coil, 1200 turn coil, 1200 turn coil with mains socket, 3600 turn coil, 3600 turn coils with center tapping, 12000 turn coil,
  3. 6 turn copper coil with insulated handle
  4. Solder trough and handle.
  5. Reversible, aluminium pendulum plate, with one end slotted, and the other
    continuous. with axle.
  6. Rotating disc with axle.

All coils are wound on plastic bobbins with rectangular cross-sections, using enameled copper wire. Each coil has a hole at its center for mounting it in a 'U' core, and has socket terminals for electrical connections, with number of turns printed.

PROOF PLANE   (1594)

For use with EHT supply or Van De Graff generators to form a simple parallel plate capacitor to investigate charges on ions. Nickel-plated brass disc, 50mm diameter, mounted on insulating plastic rod, 180 x10 mm with 4mm diameter metal contact pin.


A pair of low leakage plates having banana jacks to couple to an electroscope or high voltage power supply.


A plated brass pillar mounted on bakelite base supporting two pith balls in unspun silk.


For Electroscope, assorted sizes, Pack of 10.


Set consists of 4 nesting aluminium cylinderical containers each fitted with insulating feet.
Sizes for each vessel are 150mm. dia. x 120mm high, 120mm. dia. x 110mm. high, 90mm. dia. x 90mm. high, 75mm. dia. x 75mm. high.

LEYDEN JAR   (1599)

Glass vessel, with removable metal internal and external coatings. Maximum height X diameter 10X7cm. Inner metal coating in form of inverted cup to which a rod is fixed.


Bakelite disc, 150mm. diameter, in wooden base, brass NP plate of 100mm. diameter, with ebonite handle and small brass contact sphere.


Jointed, small plated brass sphered mounted on curved arms, with ebonite insulating handle.
Overall length 30 cm. approx.
A as above, overall length 20 cm. approx.


To show that electrical charge resides on external surfaces of a conductor. Fabric net with cord on insulating pillar with metal base.

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