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Microscope for the very young students. 1 objective 10x glass Achromatic and 1 Eyepiece 10x Huyg. enabling 100x Magnification. Sharp, distortion free, high contrast Images, as good, as on a large standard. Microscope, can be seen with utmost ease.


Heavy conventional Stand, inclinable to 90, single focus control knob with variable tension and adjustable focus stop to prevent damage to slides and objectives, with triple nose piece, stage size: 100x100mm.

Eye pieces : 10x and 15x HY
Objectives : 10x and 40x
Illumination through plano-concave mirror

STUDENT MICROSCOPE (Senior)   (4672)

A versatile high quality microscope with built-in features ideal for advanced student work. Accepts a full range of accessories including sub-stage illuminator, with Mechanical stage, preset stops on focus and condenser movements. Mechanical design same as above but with stage size 115x115mm having provision for fixing mechanical stage. Triple nose piece, separate coarse and fine focus with N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser and iris diaphragm focussed by rack & pinion.

Eye pieces 10x & 15x HY . or 10x WF (one only)
Objectives 5x, 10x, 40x, (100x Optional)
Illumination Through Plano concave mirror or through sub stage illuminator (optional)


Mechanical design same as above but with 120x120mm stage, quadruple nose piece and moveable Abbe condenser of N.A. 1.25. with focus lock to prevent damage to the slides.

Eye pieces: 5x,10x,15x HY . or 10x WF (one only)
Objectives: 5x,10x,40x,100x Oil
Illumination Through plano -concave mirror or through sub stage lamp with transformer (Optional)


45 degrees Inclined head rotatable through 360, fitted on to a heavy cast body with built- in illumination system. Interchangeable with binocular head or straight t ube for micro photography. Quadruple revolving nose piece with positive click stops. Plane rectangular stage with separately attachable mechanical stage. Vertically rackable bright field Abbey's N.A. 1.3 condenser with Iris diaphragm.

Eye pieces: 10x WF & 5x or 15x HY.
Objectives: 4X ,10x,40x,100x oil immersion.
Illuminator: 20Watts halogen lamp with solid state variable control.
Supplied in thermofoam case or lockable wooden cabinet.


360 rotatable binocular head with WF 10x and 15x eyepieces two pairs. Objectives: Achromatic parafocalled 4x, 10X, 40x and 100x oil immersion (SL) Co-Axial coarse focussing and fine focussing mechanism graduated 1 div. =0.02mm Plain rectangular stage, attachable mechanical stage and substage condenser with Iris diaphragm. Illuminator: 20Watts halogen lamp with solid state variable control.


With standard specifications Binocular Head rotatable 360, quadruple revolving nose piece with positive click stop, built-in mechanical stage, focusing through precision coaxial focusing mechanism for smooth adjustment of focus without any backlash. Illumination 6V, 20W Halogen Lamp fitted directly under the field lenses operated through solid state variable controlled transformer 220 or 110 Volts

Objectives: Achromatic DIN 5x, 10x, 40x SL and 100x SL oil immersion, eyepieces DIN wide field WF 10x an H5x or H 6x or H 15x (any two pairs) Packing in wooden storing cabinet with lock & key

Standard Accessories : Vinyl cover, duster, cleaning brush, filter & operating manual.

Optional Accessories: Dark-field condenser, phase contrast Equipment, polarising attachment, stage micrometer, micrometer discs, spare objectives.


S ame as Cat No. 9728 but with T rinocular head for micro photographic equipment and CCTV etc.


Suitable for tissue cultural examinations specially meant for microbiology, botany, water managements and bio-chemistery or more. Binocular head with ARC coated eyepieces WF 10x paired. LWD objectives 5x, 10x and 40x (SL). Rack & Pinion focus by slow motion mechanism. Large size stage plate with holding clips. Vertical mounted lamp adjustable in height, fitted with 6V 30W bulb, built in solid state variable control light source input 230Volt AC.


Magnification 20x or 30x, as per choice of Eye pieces Objective fixed 2x achromatic parfocal 80mm working distance. Coated lens eyepieces WF 10x paired. or 15x WF one pair Field of view: 5.5 mm. Fine focus by rack and pinion motion. Adjustable head in height on stand. Round glass: 82mm stage with Black & White matted plate for field contrast. Thermocol case packing, with instruction manual, dust cover.


Magnification 20x & 40x through 10x eye pieces. or 30x & 60x through 15x eye pieces Objectives 2x & 4x Achromatic parfocaled, interchangeable through sliding. Working distance: 80 & 55mm. Coated lens eyepieces: WF 10x or WF 15x, of large 30mm dia. One of the eye piece tube with diopter adjustment and both with rubber eye-guards. Fine focussing by rack and pinion motion, through Large Knurled Knobs. Adjustable head in height on pole stand. Round glass 82mm stage with Black & White matted plate for field contrast. Thermocol packing, with instruction manual, dust cover.


The Stereo microscope has been designed for examining specimens in Botany, Zoology, Entomology, Dermatology and also Industrial labs. The newly designed research quality objectives and wide field eye pieces produce an extremely large, bright, and brilliant image.

Special Features :
(a) Inclined Head
(b) Hand Grip on stand for correct and safe handling.
(c) Paired objectives 2x and 4x in sliding mount for quick change magnification.
(d) Inter-pupillary distance 52 to 71mm.
(e) Focusing through rack & pinion and also through intermediate dove tale slide.
(f) Dual electrical illuminators with intensity control.


Standard Magnification from 10x to 50x (zooming ratio 1:5) High point Wide Field Eyepiece HWF 10x in pair & WF 10X. Vertical Photo tube is provided for easy compatibility with CCTV or micro photography System. Rack and pinion focusing system, single stroke up to 50mm. Incident and transmitted illumination 20W, Halogen Bulbs. Crisp, erect images with high resolution & stereoscopic effect. 80mm working distance regardless of magnification. Inter-pupillary distance adjustment from 54mm to 75mm. Binocular tube with an inclination of 45 for ease of observation. Once in focus, image remains sharp through the whole range. Dioptic adjustment with a range 5 diopters are available. Trinocular Zoom Microscope body can be rotated in full 360 and locked in any desired position. The holder and focussing block mounted on pole type base, provide both transmitted and oblique incident illumination, each source employing a 6V/20x halogen bulb, operated on 220V or 110V mains. Transformer is built-in the base with a selector switch which allows them to be used separately or simultaneously. Two stage plates, each measuring 90mm in diameter, a frosted glass plate and the other having one side white, another black, are provided as standard. Packed in plywood storing cabinet having lock & key complete with vinyl cover, dust cover, cleaning kit & operating manual.
Other advanced models of research quality stereo microscopes are also available.


The microscope is most suitable for group discussion as well as for teaching. Screen: Grain less optical true 150 mm outer circular dome. 360 rotatable for mounting on microscope. Condenser: a high quality glass condenser in front of screen.
Optics : Eye pieces 10x huygenian, Objectives Achromatic 10x and 40x spring loaded nose pieces.
Movement : Coarse motion through rack and pinion with precise and accurate fine movement. Fixed square stage 102x102mm.
Transformer : Workable by 12V 21W atts. Built in base.
Lamp assembly : Fixed lamp, built in base of high illumination with high power condenser and screen, it will work as micro view projector . With lamp, transformer , but without it will work as microscope. The viewing of biological microscopic slides is distinct and enlarged.
Sharp clear and evenly illuminated image in full colours, visible to the whole class free of distortion. Supplied in polished wooden box having lock and key .


Suitable for teaching, R&D, Biological labs and mechanical workshops. Dust proofed metal body equipped with 200mm dia; graduated screen rotatable to 360, changeable magnifications. The optical system is computer designed and aligned to provide pin sharp and high contrast bright projections.
Magnifications : 125x to 1000x through inter changing parfocal objectives.
Optics : Projection grade Achromatic, objectives 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x (S.L.)
Focusing : Coarse motion through rack and pinion and fine focusing by slow motion mechanism.
Stage : Co-axial mechanical with stage plate and sub stage condenser with Iris diaphragm Stage micrometer slide 0.01mm for calibrations.
Illuminator : 12 V 100 Watts lamp with electronic potentiometer for variable light control. Input: 220 Volt AC.


The apparatus is designed for copying on paper the image viewed in the microscope indispensable for study of microscopic subjects.


The instrument is ideal for Teacher and student study together, fits just in place of the normal eye piece, with both 10x eye pieces.


Comprising of a high intensity long life day light miniature 30 watts flood lamp fitted in spun aluminium ventilated housing mounted on a stand which is adjustable for height and angle. Working on 220/240 Volts A.C. mains.






In spun aluminium housing fitted with multi adjustable base, complete with flex and plug. Supplied with 25Watts lamp and ground glass disc for light diffusion.


Achromatic interchangeable and parfocaled. Dry type. 100x. with oil immersion.
TypeMagnificationN. A.
C40x or 45x (optional retractable)0.65
D100x oil immersion (retractable)1.30

EYE PIECES   (4701)

Huygenian type, lenses made out of optical glass, highly polished.


with moveable pointer for indicating details of a specimen.
A5x Huygenian
B10x Huygenian
C15x Huygenian


Large dia. achromatic eye lens.


50 mm dia. plano-concave optically true mirrors fitted in ring.


An Abbe type condenser set combined with an adjustable iris diaphragm. It is recommended for use with high power objectives. This unit has Numerical aperture of 1.2


Can be attached to any standard microscope stage by means of two clamp jaws set at 90 to each other. Graduated movements are adjusted by rack and pinion mechanism and have vernier scales. Movement ranges graduated 40 to 115mm x 1.0mm and 0 to 45mm x 1.0mm Vernier reads to 0.1mm.

SLIDE PROJECTORS (35mm)   (4707)

Standard design, manual slide projector having 24 Volts 150 watts or standard 300 watts projection lamp with high power condenser system to get the maximum brightness on the screen. Special heat filter to save slides from damage. An F:1-2.8 /85mm or 3.5/100mm anastigmatic projection lens for bright and sharp image on the screen. Blower cooled. With one slide carrier. Complete as above in case.


A very compact portable type OHP with 24 Volts 250 watts or 650 watts quartz halogen lamp, 285 x 285 mm double Fresnel lens for maximum output of light and wide angle 90mm dia objective for bright and sharp image. Front coated reflecting mirror adjustable to shift the projection vertically upward. Focusing by heavy duty rack and pinion. Built-in-in cupboard to accommodate the projection head and arm. A heavy duty blower is provided to keep the projector cool for continuous use. Complete as above in cardboard box.


Same as above but compact, portable and collapsible.

EPISCOPE   (4710)

For projecting photographs or similar opaque subject-matter, up to 125mm square, giving a maximum image size of 1.50mt. x 1.50mt. square in a darkened room. L arger objects can be accommodated by removing the hinged cover, or the unit can be inverted and placed over the object. A strong metal case, houses two 24V 150W tungsten halogen bulbs, with heat filters and cooling fan. For 220-240V, 50Hz supplies.


An ideal instrument for projection of all sorts of transparencies and maps or book diagrams and text. A 175x175 opaque aperture extendable by sliding the instru ment up to 350mm, full scape A4 size paper can be projected in one time. Having two different attachments for projection of 85x85 mm slides and 35mm slides. Fitted with a 1000 watts quartz halogen tube for maximum brightness backed with an vacuum coated reflector and an high power blower for keeping the instrument cool. Complete as above in case.


A small version of above, only for projection of opaques like book diagrams and other material, Ideal for designers and art workers, a 150x150 mm opaque aperture, top loading system, 500/1000 watts lamp and blower cooled. The above list does not include the entire range of instruments available, please feel free to request other items throughout this field.


A robust traditional microscope constructed from a solid block of wood. The sides are out away at a convenient angle to form hand rests. A glass stage is provided, illuminated from underneath by a mirror at 45. The lenses are carried on an arm which can be swung across the stage plate so that objects at different positions can be exami ned. The two Lenses supplied enable magnifications of 10X and 20X
Dimensions : Length 240 Width 95 and Height 70mm
Stages : Length 80 and Width 50mm.


The high eye point lens (either 10X or 20X) is mounted on a jointing arm allowing the whole stage area to be scanned. The wide glass stage has two spring clips and a reversible sub stage mirror/opal face illuminator. Focusing is by a rack and pinion mechanism and detachable rests on either side of the stage provide a steadying support for hands during fine dissection. All metal construction. Supplied complete with 10x and 20x lenses in a wooden cabinet.
Dimension : overall height 180mm, Stage 65x85mm

BIO-VIEWERS   (4716)

Ideal for viewing micro photographic transparencies, with heavy base non- scratchable bottom, plastic construction, a most simple instrument to be used by the students in the laboratories. Technical Data Fitted with optical glass lens system for sharp focusing and maximum magnification without cutting edges. Fixed calculated length for sharp focusing on edges and center. Open on front side can be used by both hands. To adjust the Slidoscope at any required angle for best illumination.


It is milky white surface which reflects all overhead lights available from windows, walls and other light sources for perfect viewing. Use table lamp near reflecting surface if light is dim.
SPECIMENS : Instrument accepts cardboard mount as well as plastic mounts of all standard thicknesses as well as transparence strips.

SLIDOLITE   (4718)

Magnifying Lens 87mm diameter for clear, sharp, brilliant viewing of transparency through its perfect optical alignment. slide holder open on top and can be used by both hands. Its position can be made horizontal to view film strips also. Diffusion sheet diffuses the light of bulb for clear and smooth viewing. It contains a 6V bulb for bright light. The instrument accepts card mounts and plastic mounts of all standard thickness. Working on 220V A.C. mains. The above list does not include the entire range of instruments available, please feel free to request other items throughout this field.


A Twin-Tray System, to choose between a Universal-Slide Tray for 36/50 slide & Circular Tray for 100 slides. Brass Retainer Springs in the Circular Tray that prevent slides from falling out. Height adjustment knobs which facilitate a steady, horizontal picture. A Slide Gate with which you can sort, examine and correct the position of the slides without removing the slide tray. A slide Previewer for previewing slides prior to projection. A Remote Control with cord for advancing the slides in any direction. A dual Switch mode that operates the cooling fan separately. Equipped with a powerful Halogen Lamp 24volts-150 Watt. A Unique Thermostat device which automatically cuts off the lamp in case of overheating. Auto Focus by thyristorized infra-red double Cds Autofocus Systems. Inbuilt Digital timer with 5-99 sec. An Elegant easy-to-carry case.

Automatic slide projector for slides 50mm x 50mm max thickness of slides -2.2 mm for
Rotatory-3.5mm for Flat/Linear
Halogen lamp 24V/150W
f-2.8, 85mm Coated lens.
Power supply - 230V , 50Hz AC
Power consumption - 200W
Dimensions : 300x275x120 mm (approx.)
Weight - 5.40kgs (approx.), excluding outer pack.


A Twin- Tray System, to choose between a Universal-Slide Tray for 36/50 slide & Circular Tray for 100 slides. Brass Retainer Springs prevent from falling out. Height adjustment knobs for a steady, horizontal picture. A Slide Gate with which you can sort, examine and correct the position of the slides without removing the slide tray. A slide Previewer for previewing slides prior to projection. Equipped with a powerful Halogen Lamp 24Volts - 150 Watt. A Unique Thermostat device which automatically cuts off the lamp in case of overheating. An Elegant easy-to-carry case.
Automatic projector for slides 50mm x 50mm max thickness of slides -2.2 mm for
Rotatory: 3.5mm for Flat/Linear
Halogen lamp 24V/150WF
F: 2.8, 85mm Coated lens.
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz AC
Power consumption: 200W
Dimensions : 300 x 275 x 120mm (approx.)
Weight: 4.40kgs (approx.), excluding the outer pack.

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