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Vertical Axis
Display Modes : CH1, CH2, CH2 inverted, Dual (Alt/Chop), Add & X-Y.
Two identical channels with the following:
Sensitivity : 2mV/div 10 10V/div in 12 calibrated steps in 1-2-5 sequences.
Accuracy :3%
Input Impedance : 1M // 25 pf.
Input Protection :500V (DC + Peak AC)
Trigger System
Auto/Normal with variable level adjuster with LED indication.
Bandwidth :Dc-40MHz.
Sources :CH1 or V mode or External
Modes Auto :50Hz to 20MHz. Minimizes triggering adjustments and provides wide trace line in the the abscence of trigger signal.
Modes Normal :DC to 20MHz. Useful for triggring low frequency waveforms.
Internal :2mm up-to 2MHz.
4mm up-to 20MHz
External :50mV up-to 2MHz
150mV up-to 20MHz.
TV Mode Int Ext
TV line :2mm
50 mV
TV Frame :1 div of composite sync
1 div of composite sync
Ext. Input Protection :250V RMS
Hotizontal Axis
Sweep Speeds :0.5 sec/div to 0.1 m sec/div in 21 calibrated steps in 1-2-5 sequences.
X-Y Operation :CH1 as X, CH2 as Y relating their basic sensitivities.
Bandwidth :DC -2MHz
Front panel controls for intensity , Focus, Astigmatism and T race Rotation, and full mu matal shielding provided.
Display :Internal graticules (8x10cm)
Accelerating Potential : 0.5MM MAX.

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