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Physics > Electronics > Process Control Trainers
PID Controller   (2160)

Study on simulated PID controller PID Controller (configurable as P, PI, PD and PID) Proportional band: 1% to 50% (Gain 0-20) Integral time: 10mS -100mS Derivative time: 2-20 mS Signal sources Square wave: 0-2Vpp at 10-40 Hz ( typical ) variable Triangular wave: 0-2Vpp at 10-40 Hz (typical) variable Built in IC regulated power Supplies 3.5 digit DVM Complete with patch cords and working manual

PID Controller (model process)   (2161)

Study of PID controller, with model process of temperature control. Proportional band: 1%-100% Integral and derivative times are adjustable with potentiometers with calibrated dials Temperature measurement by LM 335 semiconductor IC. One analog meters to observe output continuously Set point adjustable between room 0 temperature to 80 C. One mini fan and a heater to decrease -increase the temperature of heating block. Well detailed experimental manual with temperature measuring by digital panel meter

Linear System Simulator   (2162)

Study of simulated linear systems Simulated blocks configurable as first, se cond and third order systems. Disturbance adding facility at input and outp ut Signal sources Square wave: 20-80Hz, 0-2Vpp continuously variable Triangular wave: Similar to amplitude. Built in IC regulated power supply Complete with detailed instruction manual and patch cords

Potentiometric Error Detector   (2163)

To study of potentiometer as error detector element Two Full 360║ rotation servo - potentiometers with 1║ resolution IC regulated DC excitation for both potentiometers AC excitation at 400 Hz approx. Built in demodulator circuit 3.5 digit DVM for carrying measurements IC regulated power supply for rest of the circuitry. Complete with instruction manual.

Compensating Circuits   (2164)

Study of lag, lead and lag- lead Second order simulated systems study of All pass filter Lag, lead and lag-lead compensating circuits Gain compensating amplifier with calibrated dial Signal sources Sine wave: Continuously variable in two decades (10-1000 Hz) with 0-8Vpp amplitude Square wave: 20, 40 & 80 Hz sp ot frequencies with 0-2Vpp amplitude Digital phase angle meter 0-180║ (optional). Co mplete with patch cords and detailed literature.

DC Position Control System   (2165)

Study of DC position servo Position control of a 12 volt, 1 Amp DC geared PM motor (50/60 RPM) Calibrated dials with 10 resolution for reference and output position Two 360║servo-potentiometers Built in step signal Built in waveform capture/display card for study dynamics 3.5 digit digital voltmeter IC regulated DC power supplies for circuitry Supporting literature for experiments.

DC Speed Control System   (2166)

Study of speed control of dc motor in open and close loops Speed control of 12V, 4W, permanent magnet dc motor Speed range upto 3000 RPM (typical) E lectronic tachogenerator for feedback Non- contact eddy current break for load 4 digit RPM counter, 3.5 digit digital voltmeter, Built in regulated power supply. Detailed instruction manual.

Stepper Motor with microprocessor interface   (2167)

TTL circuit for single stepping and free run mode with frequency generator <10- 100H z. Wobble mode Direction selector LED indicators for phase sequence observation. 12 V, 1 A/phase, 2.0 Kg/ cm torque, 1.8║ stepper motor, mP interface Calibrated dial for position monitoring Position pick up by servo potentiometer IC regulated power supply for complete circuitry. Supporting literature with patch cords

AC Position Control System( ECO )   (2170)

Study of AC position servo Two precision servo-potentiometers full 360║ rotation Calibrated dials for command and output position with 1║ resolution Motor controller circuit (thyristorized) 110 volt two phase A C servo motor(60 RPM synchronous) Waveform capture/display card 220 V ac mains operation Isolated supplies for motor, control circuit and card. Supporting literature.

Synchro Transmitter - Receiver   (2171)

Study of selsyn Two dials for input / output angular displacement Knobs with large pointers on transmitter and receiver Sockets for rotor (R1, R2) and stator (S1, S2, S3) on panel Built in isolated power supply for both Attenuated output on sockets for view of signal observation on CRO. Supporting literature

Control Transformer (part of selsyn)   (2172)

To study control transformer as error signal generator. Calibrated dial with 5║ resolution Sockets for stator and rotor windings Reference chart for phase and amplitude as error signal.

Magnetic Amplifier   (2173)

To study input-output characteristics of a magnetic amplifier. Two saturable reactors in one frame 2 Rectifiers Fixed Resistive load DC Bias voltage One Potentiometer. Two analog meters Supporting literature.

Speed Torque Ch of AC Servomotor   (2174)

Two phase ac servo motor (2500 RPM) Electronic speed sensor with RPM display upon panel meter Ammeter for load current DC motor for loading. Torque calculation from back emf Speed controller for motor 220 Vac mains operation Isolated supply for motor Supporting literature Servo Stabilizer To study servo controlled ac voltage stabilizer as position control system. Dimmer (1KVA) with servomotor. Output Sense transformer Loads (heating elements) Loop Process with variable gain AC Voltmeter and Ammeter. Supporting literature Waveform capture card (optional).

Speed Torque Ch of DC Servomotor   (2175)

Shunt wound dc servomotor separate field and armature DC supplies Two analog meters to take readings of volt and current for field and armature Analog RPM meter Belt and pulley loading for torque measurement Two spring balance 220Vac line operation. Detailed literature

AC position control system   (2176)

To study AC position control system Two phase AC servomotor with speed reducing gears. Tachogeneration by small dc motor coupled with ac servomotor Position indication by 100 mm graduated dial Control transformer and transmitter as sense and control element High gain ac servo amplifier with different gain settings Step position command key Detailed literature W aveform capture card ( optional )

Relay Control System   (2177)

Relay 220V/5A, Relay drive circuit, input sense circuit, set Point controller, electric bulb, Photocell, Intensity Controller Detailed literature

To study control action of light control device   (2178)

3 miniature bulbs controlled by solid state regulator Error detector cum gain amplifier with variable gains 1 to 11 LDR as light intensity sensor P-I controller with fixed parameters introduced in controller circuit by switch. Reference Potentiometer 2 miniature to add disturbance. Detailed literature

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